TITO / Full Service Kiosk

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Through our strategic partnerships with TITO kiosk manufacturers Multi-Choice Cash can upgrade or retro-fit an existing TITO kiosk into a fully-functional ATM/Cash Access kiosk or advise you as to the best TITO kiosk for your specific needs.

Our All-in-One technology applied to your self-service ticket redemption kiosk will provide your customers easy and convenient access to exchange slot vouchers for cash, break large bills, perform ATM, CCCA, POS Debit and Check Cashing, and service as a Player Club Kiosk.

This multi-functional technology offers your casino:

  • reduced operational costs
  • increased revenue streams
  • shorter cage lines
  • efficiency through technology to manage your casino floor remotely
  • consolidated single-point reporting processes
  • reduced footprints on the casino floor
  • greater opportunities for customers to access cash on the floor
  • ability to control of your own cash handling

Multi-Functional Kiosk Partners: