The MCC Note Dispensing Unit (NDU) was developed for the purpose of securing and accounting for the disbursement of funds.

The NDU connects directly to the MCC Cage System allowing direct connection to our Credit Card Cash Advance and Check Cashing system.

The NDU will perform payouts for each type of transaction in multiples of $20s and $100s, and any remaining funds due to the customer will be paid by the Cashier from their drawer.

The NDU dispenser will hold up to 4000 notes (2000 notes of each denomination per cassette).

The NDU “Other” feature allows the Cashier or Manager to perform other payouts (such as Ticket Redemption, Jackpot Payouts, Vendor Invoices, or Player Promotional Cash …) upon demand. All of which will be accounted for on the MCC reports.

The MCC NDU is a small compact bill dispenser ideal for behind the bar or casino cage to secure large sums and eliminate dispensing errors.....It is controlled via the MCC Cage cashier terminal.... Faster speed allows tellers to process more transactions quickly; increasing productivity, and reducing customer wait times. Secure accountable dispensing with reporting.

Dispenser – Dual Cassette (2000 notes each)