Multi-Choice Cash Cage

Selecting the right Cash Access partner is critical to the success of your property. As customers use more debit and credit, it is important to have products that will give your customers multiple options to access their cash. This goes directly to playable dollars, and if customers cannot access cash then they cannot play!

Multi-Choice Cash custom electronic cash access product package includes, ATM, All-in-One, cash advance services and check-cashing services. Within each product offering, Multi-Choice Cash provides an integrated solution including consultation, installation, training, call center support, dispute resolution, compliance monitoring, transaction processing, device management, private label services and total system upgrades. Our customers can purchase any of the services individually or as an integrated package.



  • Swipe, scan and print at the cage or pre-authorized at the ATM, CCCA Kiosk, Multi-Functional TITO Kiosk or floor terminal
  • Minimal integrated footprint in cage that can be as a stand-alone or overlaid on your existing hardware
  • Customer activated touch screen terminals
  • Cashier input fields are pre-populated with scanned or swiped data.
  • Customers complete transactions on a signature capture pad
  • Electronic signature capture
  • ACH funds into property accounts
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Automated reversals for Comp or Discounted customer fees
  • Customized reporting
  • Marketing Reports and Player Programs
  • The only true provider of complete electronic transactions to eliminate data entry errors while provide a fast yet secure environment
  • Less equipment equals less clutter and equipment issues
  • Customer friendly making the transaction process easy, fast, secure and eliminates errors
  • Customers can go from request to cash in less than forty-five seconds
  • Eliminates the need for a draft and check printer in the cage, while providing a fast, secure, error reduction and eliminates paper retention
  • Eliminate researching disputes, saving hours in labor
  • Quick cash replenishment
  • Offers wide variety of options for customers to access cash they need to play
  • Outstanding customer service to your valued players
  • Real-time reports for Shift, Audit and Accounting and a secure environment on Title 31 integrated on all transactions
  • Monitor top players, bonus top players, and incentives players to use systems