Marketing Support

Customer Retention and Acquisition are the keys in today’s environment; MCC recognizes this and brings to the property a number of proven methods and programs for your team to use as a solution in your market.

Target new Customers

MCC can develop targeted lists of names and addresses at a discounted price to use for direct mail. These names come from an active gaming database.

We do not SELL or SHARE your/our customer information!

Retain Existing Customers

MCC has a number of customized solutions for customer retention, ask you Sales or Account rep for details.

Understand your customer’s behavior

Capture information about your customers on an individual basis such as email, address, phone numbers, date of birth, spouse, likes and dislikes. We can also provide you with demographic and play information. You can pick from thousands of data criteria and elect items and we will provide your data back to you that will help you better understand your target market and your customers.

These reports will assist you in making marketing and financial decisions based on the behavior of your current database and compares your data to the average American household. This analysis allows you to find new customers and help grow the segments that are best aligned with your casino’s overall marketing strategy.

Email marketing is another way you can achieve higher response rates than direct mail and typically at about a third of the cost yet gathering valuable information on your customers and communicating news, events and promotions.

MCC Top Customer Report is a valuable web-based reporting tool that provides casino marketers with access to real time information on patron cash access activity giving you access to view and download the customers’ address and dollars that are withdrawn from your facility’s cash advance devices. Our reports give information about what patrons are doing in your casino so you can target their needs. Download the data from the report and cross reference it from your player’s club database. As a result, you will have new prospects to target and be able to offer valuable incentives and benefits.