Check Cashing

Multi-Choice Cash Check Cashing Program: Powered by Certegy
  • Multi-Choice Cash Check Cashing powered by Certegy accesses the most extensive Gaming check authorization data base.
  • Fully integrated solution that reduces equipment in the cage
  • Certegy is the world leader in financial and information technology with 50 years of experience.
  • Guarantee check services for both personal and business checks.
  • Individual limits per player based on check writing and credit scores
  • Integrated solution eliminates the requirement of a check or the need for a check cashing card
  • Integrated reporting (including Title 31) with self-exclusion tracking
  • Utilization of powerful risk management and analysis tools
  • Dynamic internet reporting includes transactions, marketing and cashier/user reports.
  • Supports responsible gambling programs with on-line and real time networks.
  • Electronic Check
  • Electronic Signature
  • Flexible pricing and warranty limits.

Check Authorization: Multi-Choice Cash Check Cashing virtually eliminates the risk of accepting checks. With more than 18 billion checks presented each year it is important to provide your customers the means to cash checks. In today’s economy, having a Check Guarantee program is an important means of minimizing risk.

Key Benefits
  • Fully Integrated Platform on all cash access solutions
  • Fully integrated Reporting - including Title 31 – with flexibility for specific alerts
  • Increase player spending power
  • Analyzing the patron vs. analyzing the transaction
  • Easy and fast enrollment
  • Program customization and regulatory compliant
  • Access online management reporting 24/7
  • Automatic reimbursements direct to your account
The Winning System
"Check Cashing with Privileges" means more money to the floor, greater convenience for your guests and a healthier return for you. You increase player-spending power while you're protected from fraud and risk of loss on checks presented for cash. A key component of the robust state-of-the-art E-CAGE® platform designed for the gaming Industry, combines enrollment information supplied by your guest with sophisticated decisioning tools to provide your player with a rolling 10-day check cashing privilege, fully protected by the performance proven E-CAGE® platform–100% guaranteed.

Convenient. Secure. Reliable. Cost effective.