Certified Customer Service Representatives

Our team of Certified Service professionals is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Multi-Choice Cash strives to create products as informative and user-friendly as possible. If you require additional assistance, our staff of Service professionals is available to assist you.

With our web-based platform it allows upgrades and real-time fixes to most problems through our central server. This increases response time and puts your customers back on the floor.

Our Certified team of Service Managers are equipped and poised for a quick response when a device needs service or attention. All of our managers maintain regular service schedules to proactively identify and avoid trouble spots before they impact your business. Our team works closely with the MCC Sales Team, and our CRM Managers to provide a seamless transition when customers upgrade their current products or add new ones, ensuring their expectations are met and exceeded.

The MCC Certified Service Team has been consistently sited as a key element to our customer’s satisfaction and it continues to differentiate ourselves from that of the competition.

Multi-Choice Cash offers a comprehensive full coverage hardware and software support program with in-house certified technicians and programmers.

MCC is the only Cash Access provider with in-house fully certified Technicians in the industry!

  • Installation, Relocation and Training
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Cross Training on Product Lines
  • Fully stocked parts department reducing valuable down-time
  • Customer service support 24/7
  • On-call technicians 24/7
  • System monitoring 24/7
  • Help desk 24/7