Credit Card Cash Access Kiosk

Slim Hardware that Saves Space

Our fully automated Non-ATM Cash Advance Kiosk takes up minimal floor space while saving you time on cash advance transactions. This self-service activated kiosk provides customers access to credit card cash advance and POS Debit transactions.

The sleek innovative Credit Card Cash Advance Kiosk, has a back lit light box that stands out in a busy casino environment, easily drawing customer’s attention and the Duratrans marketing backgrounds may be switched out with as need. The background also provides a clear and easy manner in which to view the instructions and rates.



  • Allow customers to access cash that wasn’t available to them before
  • Players can spend more time gaming
  • Increase cash flow for gaming and non-gaming transactions
  • Receive funds for cash advance transactions electronically
  • Free Standing Kiosk
  • Small Footprint
  • 110v power outlet
  • Data line