Booth Operations

The MCC Booth Operations team has over 50 years of experience in Booth management and operations. Our goal is to provide superior, consistent customer service through the team who currently supports your booth business. The MCC-Staffed booth operations are an extension of the casino and work closely with your cage and vault team for a seamless integration and solution as well as around the clock training, support and customer service.

Our booth coverage will consist of staffing consistent with the scheduling you desire. We are aware of the coverage needed for payroll days, and will continue to focus on holidays, weekends, special events and other key business times. We also recognize our TERO responsibilities to the tribe, and will always consider tribal members as priority hires. We will continue to have an outside agency involved in our drug and criminal background checks as we do for all booth entities.

Professional trained and responsible team members

Reduction in labor (FTE) costs for cage and vault